Heber Springs Sage/Rio/Redington Event

The Ozark Angler

Heber Springs, AR


March 19, 2016 1-6 pm


Our friends from Sage, Redington and Rio are coming for an awesome day with us on the Little Red River!  We will have great food, in store specials, fly tying demonstrations, casting demonstrations and much more.  See the entire line of rods, reels and lines from our fantastic partners.  We will have in store specials, giveaways, free instruction and tips from our incredible guides.  Fish during the morning and spend the afternoon with us.  Free for everyone!







Pictures of Kent's flies taken by Don Newton

We are very lucky to have such great people that are passionate and talented fly fishers and fly tyers at The Ozark Angler.  Some wonderful photos from Don Newton.  Kent and Don together have made art with these photographs!

Taking kids fly fishing

A few pointers for taking kids fly fishing that work for me.

1)  When do you take a child fly fishing?  When they ask to go.  There is no magic age when they are ready.

2)  Where should I go?  Go to a place where the odds are very high of catching fish.  (ponds are a great idea)

3)  What should I bring?  Only the childs fishing rod, flies and any tools you would need on a trip.  It's a good idea to have drinks and snacks.

4)  How long do we fish?  When the child says it's time to leave you need to go.  It doesn't matter that the fish are biting.  You want this to be fun for them.  Once it stops being fun or they get hot or whatever it is time to go.

5)  Patience and be calm.

Generation On the Little Red River

We often get questions about how generation from the dam and when the water will hit our favorite spots on the river.  This map was forwarded to me this weekend.  I did not make this map, however, it is a good general guide to use for the Little Red River.  We hope this helps. 

Introduction to Fly Tying

It's that time of year when we start our Winter Fly Tying classes starting in January.  Awesome Christmas gift.  Our classes fill up extremely fast.  First come first serve. 

Cost $100

We provide everything!!!! You take home your flies!!!


Monday Jan 12, 19, 26 Feb 2, 9, 16

Tuesday Jan 13, 20, 27 Feb 3, 10, 17

Wednesday Jan 14, 21, 28, Feb 4, 11, 18

We will tie on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  If there is enough demand we will add a Thursday Class as well.  6 week class.  We accept 4 students per class.  Classes must be paid for in advance to secure each spot.

You can contact me at Chad@ozarkangler.com to secure your spot or call our Little Rock store at (501)225-6504.  We are considering a class in Heber Springs as well.  Let us know if you are interested.

Happy Veterans Day

To tall the great men and women that have served.  Thank you for your service!  Special recognition to the awesome guys that I get to work with.  Thank you for everything you do daily and your service.

Fishing report for the 4th of July

For everyone coming to Heber Springs for the 4th of July weekend this report is for you.  Greers Ferry Lake is about 1-2 inches over where the want the lake.  This should be back to normal by Friday.  The Corp and Southwest power has been running water starting around noon until 10 pm at night.  This is a normal Summer pattern.  The demand for power during the summer months will have the corp releasing water daily.  This is great news.  Keeps fresh water in the river, fish much happier and healthier and water in the river.  For those that like to fish higher water you can find it in the lower river in the morning.  You can keep fishing the higher water all day long.  For those wading fisherman.  Start your morning at JFK park, cow shoals or Swinging bridge.  You will have low water until noon at the Dam or around 2 pm further down the river.  Makes for a great fishing day. 

The hatchery will be putting in lots of fish for the weekend.  Fishing should be awesome.

Come by either location to find what is working each day.

Hoppers, woolly buggers, zebra midges, sow bugs, big streamers, pheasant tails, copper johns etc...

Be safe and enjoy!

Warm water fly fishing guide trips

We are starting as of June 1st warm water fly fishing guide trips in and around Little Rock.  Fly fishing for bass, bream, carp hybrids etc has really gained steam in the last year or so.  I personally do more warm water fly fishing than I do cold water.  We are going to start this and try it for the next 2-3 months.  We provide everything for you (rod, reel, leader, tippet, flies and lunch).  We will be fishing out of a boat so no waders and boots.  Bring a pair of sunglasses, fishing license and camera.  We can provide casting lessons and instruction for fishing warm water.  Cost will be $250.  Email me if you are interested.  Guide.ozarkangler@gmail.com.

The Ozark Angler Guys.

Update on Arkansas Trout rivers 03-27-14

The White River and the Norfork River are now under power pool.  Both rivers are running water maybe because they expect rain tonight and want to be ahead of it.  The Little Red River is releasing water from the flood gates because of repairs on the power generators.  They are releasing the equivalent of around 1 unit that we are used to.  The Lake is about 3 inches over power pool.  We hope we do not get a ton of rain tonight to mess up things for the weekend.  Last night the lakes did not come up at all after the rain from last night.  We will keep you updated.  If you would like the current information in the Little Red River call our Heber Springs store at 501-362-flys(3597).  The southwest power number for the Little Red is of course listing zero units online 24 hours per day. 

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