A guide for fly fishing guide clients

I had quite a response to my last blog "A guide to fly fishing guides".  A few guides I respect liked the article.  On the flip side a few guides sent me very nasty emails about that post.  Oh well.  I believe every word I wrote.   

On the flip side of being a professional guide.  There are also expectations on our clients.  All professional guides should strive to give you the fly fishing trip of a lifetime.  Guide trips range in price from $300ish and I have paid well over $800 for one day on the water.  When spending money for a service I want my moneys worth.  I am pretty sure I am not alone in this thinking.

1)  There is one item that I would like to stress to our clients(friends).  We want you to be successful!!!!  To do that we would like you to listen to our instructions.  We know where fish are in our rivers.  We want you to experience the thrill of catching fish and hopefully lots of big fish.  The Ozark Angler offers instructional trips for the absolute beginner up to trips for the most experienced fisherman.  If you would like to come to our stores before your trip to practice casting, knots or fly tying that is one of the advantages to working with a reputable outfitter.

2)  Guide clients (friends) should not go into a trip thinking they already know everything about the river or how to fly fish.  My hope is to learn something new on every trip I go on.  I have fished my entire life and fly fished for over 20 years.  I do not know everything there is to know about fishing.  I do not know every inch of every river.  I go in with an open mind and hope our guide clients(friends) do too.   When I go to a new river I have never fished I prefer to get a guide.

3)  Make sure you have access to your guide client.  This is on the professional guide too.  If you have questions ask before your trip an email address, phone number, facebook page to the outfitter is valuable.  I have had my guide call me 2 hours before a guide trip.  All details about your guide trip should be made during booking. 

Maybe there is a new rod you would like to try.  Let us know if this is the case.  Don't expect an Orvis only outfitter to have the newest Sage or Winston rod.  The Ozark Angler carries many brands and If there is a brand you want to try on your trip let us know.  If I don't own it I will do my best to get it for you.  Just let us know before the trip.

4)  Maybe you want to try using big streamers, dry flies, emergers, switch rods, tenkara rods whatever please let us know before the trip.  Guides (me included) knows how to make you successful.  We get used to fishing a certain way with certain flies.  If you want to fish another way a good guide will be flexible and cater to you.  If you would like to be in the boat all day let us know.  If you want to wade please let us know too.

5)  When you meet with your professional guide before the trip have a quick meeting with them.  This can happen while in the car going to the river, over a cup of coffee or any time before you are actually fishing.  This needs to happen to make sure you are on the same page.  We will tell you what has been working, what we would like to accomplish, if you need to be off the water at a certain time and everything else should be discussed here.  

6)  Try to turn off your cell phone if you can.  Take photos with your phone if you want but try to unplug.  If you can not that is fine.  We fish in some of the most beautiful places in the world.   I think this is one of the times during life to unplug and relax.  We will take care of the rest.

As always you can email me with any concerns, ideas or questions to chad@ozarkangler.com.  If you would like me to blog on a certain issue or topic.  Let me know.  I will do my best.  Everything I blog about is my opinion.   

Tight lines and best fishes.