Made in the USA

One of the cool things of being a local business and supporting USA manufacturers is keeping American's employed.  We at the Ozark Angler do our best to put people in the best country in the world to work.  All money that comes into our stores stays in the community and our great nation.  I pride myself in working with companies such as Orvis, Sage, Galvan, Abel, Simms and the list goes on and on that believes the same thing I do.  All these companies as well as the Ozark Angler are putting American's to work.  We believe so strongly in this The Ozark Angler and these other great companies guarantee our products.  Every fly rod that is sold in our stores (excluding bamboo) has a warranty of a minimum of 25 years.  Our waders, boots etc also carry great warranties. When you have an issue with a fly rod, fly reel, waders or whatever bring it to me.  We will take care of these issues for you.  Other retailers will put this on you the consumer.  Not Us Ever!!!!

Remember specialty retailers such as The Ozark Angler when service really matters to you.  Am I against big box stores?  NO!!! I welcome them to our communities.  They are here to make money and put people to work.  Actually the help my business tremendously.  They can introduce people to the sport that I cannot.  When our great customers or friends want to take the next step in learning the art of fly fishing they will come see us.  If there is a problem with an item or want help casting, fly tying, what is working on the river right this second that is what we do.  SERVICE AND EXPERTISE!!!!