Little Red River brown trout spawn update. 11-16-13

Fish are still moving into the spawning locations.  We haven't seen any fish on their beds yet but lots of smaller males are around.  The colder weather will help.  The corp is also running more water in the river.  LOVE IT!!!  There was a couple weeks that the river was too low.  Fishing can still be good but much better with a constant flow.  I expect the spawn to be in full swing probably around Thanksgiving.  May be later though.  Remember last year fish were still spawning well into January.  My favorite time of year.  Stock up on eggs, red asses, other soft hackles and streamers too. 

Another note about these fish when they get on their beds.  Remember they are very stressed during the spawn.  Please treat the fish with respect and try not to handle the fish too much.  Use strong enough tippet to bring them in.  These fish if played for too long will not survive.  We need to have our tremendous fishing around for generations to come.

Best fishes