Fishing report for the 4th of July

For everyone coming to Heber Springs for the 4th of July weekend this report is for you.  Greers Ferry Lake is about 1-2 inches over where the want the lake.  This should be back to normal by Friday.  The Corp and Southwest power has been running water starting around noon until 10 pm at night.  This is a normal Summer pattern.  The demand for power during the summer months will have the corp releasing water daily.  This is great news.  Keeps fresh water in the river, fish much happier and healthier and water in the river.  For those that like to fish higher water you can find it in the lower river in the morning.  You can keep fishing the higher water all day long.  For those wading fisherman.  Start your morning at JFK park, cow shoals or Swinging bridge.  You will have low water until noon at the Dam or around 2 pm further down the river.  Makes for a great fishing day. 

The hatchery will be putting in lots of fish for the weekend.  Fishing should be awesome.

Come by either location to find what is working each day.

Hoppers, woolly buggers, zebra midges, sow bugs, big streamers, pheasant tails, copper johns etc...

Be safe and enjoy!