Warm water fly fishing guide trips

We are starting as of June 1st warm water fly fishing guide trips in and around Little Rock.  Fly fishing for bass, bream, carp hybrids etc has really gained steam in the last year or so.  I personally do more warm water fly fishing than I do cold water.  We are going to start this and try it for the next 2-3 months.  We provide everything for you (rod, reel, leader, tippet, flies and lunch).  We will be fishing out of a boat so no waders and boots.  Bring a pair of sunglasses, fishing license and camera.  We can provide casting lessons and instruction for fishing warm water.  Cost will be $250.  Email me if you are interested.  Guide.ozarkangler@gmail.com.

The Ozark Angler Guys.

Update on Arkansas Trout rivers 03-27-14

The White River and the Norfork River are now under power pool.  Both rivers are running water maybe because they expect rain tonight and want to be ahead of it.  The Little Red River is releasing water from the flood gates because of repairs on the power generators.  They are releasing the equivalent of around 1 unit that we are used to.  The Lake is about 3 inches over power pool.  We hope we do not get a ton of rain tonight to mess up things for the weekend.  Last night the lakes did not come up at all after the rain from last night.  We will keep you updated.  If you would like the current information in the Little Red River call our Heber Springs store at 501-362-flys(3597).  The southwest power number for the Little Red is of course listing zero units online 24 hours per day. 

Bull Shoals Link


Northfork Link


The Little Red RIver Link


Greers Ferry Power Plant Repairs

HEBER SPRINGS, AR. (News release) - The Corps of Engineers, Little Rock District will be taking the Greers Ferry Power Plant offline March 10 through April 24 for necessary repairs.

Throughout the outage, one turbine will continuously release about 300 to 500 cubic feet per second into the Little Red River. A normal low flow release rate is 40 c.f.s. In comparison, a full power release from one turbine is about 3,500 c.f.s.

If rainfall causes the lake to rise above the conservation pool elevation of 462.04 feet, flood control releases will be made using the spillway gates. Release rates are dependent on downstream conditions and generally will not exceed the equivalent of two turbines, about 7,000 c.f.s.

Updated release rates are available by calling (501) 362-5150.

Officials at the Army Corps of Engineers' Greers Ferry Project Office regret any inconvenience this may cause, and asks for the public's cooperation until this operation is complete.

For more information contact the Greers Ferry Project office at (501) 362-2416, or stop by the office near the dam on Highway 25, three miles north of Heber Springs.

Story from KARK.com I think it is great news and will have constant small release making our fishery stronger and allows all of us to wade in our favorite spots..

Story from KARK.com

I think it is great news and will have constant small release making our fishery stronger and allows all of us to wade in our favorite spots..

Happy New Year


May the road rise up to meet you,
May the wind be ever at your back,
May the sun shine warm upon your face,
The rain fall soft upon your fields,
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And may you be in Heaven
a half hour before the devil knows you're dead!

Thank you to all of our awesome friends and customers of The Ozark Angler.  It has been our pleasure serving you and look forward to an even better 2014.

Chad Kneeland

Generation schedules 12-30-13

Here is an update on the rivers in Arkansas for Tuesday.  After about 7 days of high water it looks as if the Little Red River will get relief first.  The Little Red is still over about 2-3 inches which is why they are really backing off.  The White and the Norfork Rivers are still over more than 1 foot.  I am including a copy of the schedule for you to plan your day accordingly.


Screen shot 2013-12-30 at 5.01.25 PM.png

Kids and Fly Fishing

When to take your children fly fishing?  As soon as possible!!!  I need to take my own advise too.  It's times like these hopefully they will always remember.

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Merry Christmas to all and all tight lines!

Chad Kneeland

Photos provided by Sugar Photography.  (Jennifer Little)

Little Red River Cow Shoals Spawn 12-05-13

It was so cool to watch the fish yesterday at Cow Shoals.  I saw the biggest trout of my life yesterday.  I hope you enjoy this short video.  I fished for about 5 minutes and then spent several hours just watching these monster trout!!!!  We are so lucky in the state of Arkansas to have these beautiful fish!!!

Little Red River brown trout spawn update. 11-16-13

Fish are still moving into the spawning locations.  We haven't seen any fish on their beds yet but lots of smaller males are around.  The colder weather will help.  The corp is also running more water in the river.  LOVE IT!!!  There was a couple weeks that the river was too low.  Fishing can still be good but much better with a constant flow.  I expect the spawn to be in full swing probably around Thanksgiving.  May be later though.  Remember last year fish were still spawning well into January.  My favorite time of year.  Stock up on eggs, red asses, other soft hackles and streamers too. 

Another note about these fish when they get on their beds.  Remember they are very stressed during the spawn.  Please treat the fish with respect and try not to handle the fish too much.  Use strong enough tippet to bring them in.  These fish if played for too long will not survive.  We need to have our tremendous fishing around for generations to come.

Best fishes


The Specialty Retailer vs the Big Box Store

Today I went into a new big box store that has come to Little Rock.  We are very excited to welcome them to our state.  It is a win win for specialty retailers as well as our sport.  I wish I could say I bought my first fly rod at a fly shop.  That is actually not true.  I bought my first rod at Montgomery Ward (Many Many) years ago.  The big box store can bring more people to the sport and introduce people into fly fishing that would never come to either of our stores.  My hope is the people buying from the big box stores actually start off on the right foot.  Once a customer wants to take the next step in fly fishing, or have specific questions, they will hopefully come our way.

Differences in the big box store and The Ozark Angler.

1)  A customer came in with a broken fly rod that they bought from this store yesterday.  It broke last night when they were practicing casting in the lawn.  The employee called the fishing manager and he told him that he needs to send back the rod to their repair department.  The customer was a little irritated.

This happens almost every day at The Ozark Angler.  Accidents happen.  A big difference is we try to offer amazing service.  We handle the entire repair for our customers/friends.  If the customer needs a loaner rod for the time being then we have plenty of rods to lend.

2)  A customer wanted to cast a rod and try it out while in the store today.  Of course everyone is brand new at the new store so again they called the person in charge.  There is not a place in the store or outside the store to try the product out.  A customer just needs to take the sales persons word for it or pick the rod and reel that fits in their price range.

We will rig up the rods and take you into the parking lot and give you casting lessons if needed or let you try out any rod you would like.  Many rods we also own so if you want to try a rod on the river before buying we can usually accommodate.

3)  I actually helped customers today at another store.  Unfortunately they were giving bad advise.  A customer asked what to use on The Little Red River this weekend for a new fly fisher.  He walked the customer over to spinner baits.  This may work but the customer wanted to fly fish for trout so I gave him advise and picked some flies for him to use this weekend.  (Man I need to earn a commission check).

In our stores every one of us ties flies, fly fishes as much as possible and this sport is in our blood.  We will put our friends/customers in the right spots with the right flies to be successful.

Other major differences include not offering travel, fly tying classes, guide trips, free advice, free coffee ,locally tied flies, knot instruction and passion for our sport.

Myths about the Big Box Store

1)  They have a better selection.

Wrong!!!! Our stores carry much more inventory and carry all the top brands.  I was surprised that they really concentrated on "Their own fly fishing brand" and a few skus from Orvis, TFO and Ross.  Nothing I saw was made in America either.

2)  Big box stores are cheaper.

Wrong!!!!!  I did not see one thing today we charge 1 penny over what they do.  If you find a product we charge more for let us know and we will fix that.  Our prices are exactly the same.

3)  Service doesn't matter.

Gosh I can't disagree more.  Service is why we have been around 24 years.  We celebrate 25 in 2014!!!!!


Anyway this could go on forever but you get the point.

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