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River updates 2/25

The weather was not kind to Arkansas last week.  The Norfork River and White River at Bull Shoals are still in really good shape.  Northern Arkansas received 5 inches of rain or less.  The two rivers are going to be off color for the next several days. 

The Norfork River will clear first with any water generated from the corp.  The Norfork River as of right now is still almost 4 feet under power pool!!!  It is still rising and will continue over the next few days but I think it will stay in great shape.

The White River at Bull Shoals received around half the rain that The Little Red did.  The White River at Bull Shoals is currently a few inches under power pool.  It will go over on Sunday but not by a great deal.  Not a big concern.  Probably a few days to a week of running water will put it back under power pool.  It will need the generation as well to clear muddy water from this rain system.  With the running of some water will really help streamer fishing on the White which is a good thing.

The Little Red River received around 10 inches of rain this past week.  What is helping is Greers Ferry was 5 feet under flood stage before the rain hit.  It is now currently 5 feet over flood stage.  The River is very muddy currently and the best fishing will be closer to the dam where the water is clear.  They are running some water which is great.  This will help clear the river and help the lake not continue to rise as fast.  Those that love streamer fishing will have their opportunities on the Little Red for several weeks!!!

As always we are here to keep you informed!

The Ozark Angler

Chad Kneeland