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River updates 3/1/18

Well we just finished one of the wettest February in recorded history.  Our rivers/lakes held up relatively well.  The rivers will be very muddy for a little while and the corp cannot release much water currently because of flooding in the central and southern parts of the state.  Here is a brief rundown of where we are currently with the White at Bull Shoals, The Norfork River and The Little Red.

The White River at Bull Shoals is doing well.  Just a little over 2 feet over power pool.  The river will be muddy but the closer you get to the dam the better the clarity will be.  Not releasing much water currently but will in the future.  When the corp does release the water the streamer fishing will get even better.

The Norfork River is in the best shape of all 3 of our main rivers.  It is currently under power pool.  Probably muddy with the rain but still going to be in good shape.  The Norfork Lake is still under power pool and not generating any water.  This will be the easiest most reliable wading currently.

The Little Red got more rain than the White and the Norfork.  About 2 times the amount of rainfall.  Still it is in ok shape.  It is incredibly muddy currently.  The corp is not releasing much water currently because of the flooding further down stream.  The Little Red will have periods of low water on the top half of the river until the corp is allowed to start generating.  Not sure what the generation schedule will look like in the future but for the next few days to weeks I expect not a ton of generation. 

As always we will keep you updated!

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Chad Kneeland