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River updates 3-8-18

All 3 rivers (The White at Bull Shoals, The Norfork and The Little Red) are doing very different generation schedules at the moment. We will look at all 3 and tell you about each.

First the White River is generating 24 hours a day but getting rid of it's flood pool in a hurry.  The lake will probably be back to normal in a week or so.  High water means nice streamer fishing on the White!  Don't miss out on it.

Next the Norfork River is not running much water at all and staying slightly under flood control.  A few days this week the corp rain water for 4 hours, 2 in the morning and 2 in the evening.  This has been the most stable river of our 3 main rivers.  Wading possibilities as well as boating are in good shape.

Finally the Little Red River.  The corp has been running water from 12 hours a day up to 14 hours per day.  There are some opportunities for wading but since the schedule is changing daily its hard to predict.  Greers Ferry is currently less than 8 feet over flood stage.  The water is starting to come down in the lake but I expect generation for weeks to come.  Fishing from a boat or using a professional guide would make your trip much more successful no matter what the corp is doing.  Call our Heber Springs location at (501)362-3597 to reserve your spot!

As always we will keep you updated with any changes!

Chad Kneeland